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FOSSmap Privacy Policy

Effective on: January 1, 2017

The FOSSmap™ assessment website and program are hosted and administered by the Full Option Science System™ project at the Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California, Berkeley (“FOSS®”). The Regents of the University of California own the copyright to the FOSSmap website and its contents. The FOSS project knows that you care how information about you is used and shared. This notice describes the privacy policy for FOSSmap, including its online services and functions.

Overview of FOSSmap Data Use

Access to the FOSSmap System. The FOSSmap system is accessible through the FOSSweb™ site, but does not reside on School Specialty servers. The FOSSmap system is housed on a password-protected, secure server accessible only to authorized teachers registered through FOSSweb and to the FOSS project’s database managers who use their own passwords. The FOSSmap site generally follows the University of California’s Privacy Policy, which can be found at

Teacher Data. The FOSS publisher, School Specialty, registers and keeps data on teachers who use the FOSSweb site. Teacher data includes full names and the district in which a teacher works. Teacher data is tied to a unique user password, which is used to access the FOSSmap site and its functions. Teacher data is subject to the FOSSweb terms of use, These terms of use do not carry over to the FOSSmap site.

Student Data. Each year, a registered teacher inputs or uploads the names of students in a class and assigns each student a unique identification number. Tutorials provided by the FOSS project discourage teachers from using full names for students or providing actual student identification numbers. There are no fields to input other personally identifiable information such as addresses or age.

Access to Data. Registered teachers have access to the FOSSmap data they create for one year. This data includes the names and the identification numbers the teacher entered. The data is stored on a server contracted to FOSS. No-one other than the registered teacher should have access to this data. Teachers are instructed not to share passwords.

FOSS personnel have access to FOSSmap to make updates and administer the program. The FOSS project will, at a teacher’s request, download the data the teacher provides on a one-time basis to troubleshoot a problem the teacher experienced. FOSS personnel delete this data once the problem is resolved. FOSS personnel cannot upload or change data.

School Specialty and third parties have no access to FOSSmap data. Similarly, the FOSS project has no access to the teacher password database maintained by School Specialty.

Disposal of Data. When the school year ends, once each year, the FOSS project strips all teacher-provided student names and identification numbers from the FOSSmap system. Teachers have the option to archive this class information on their own systems, but it will no longer exist in the FOSSmap system. The FOSS project does retain data that is disassociated from names on a password-protected server that can only be accessed by FOSS personnel and requires a login. The FOSS project uses the dissociated data to further develop and improve the FOSSmap system. FOSS personnel never share any data, not even dissociated data, with third parties.

Specifics of Privacy Policy

You must register on the FOSSweb site in order to use certain of FOSSmap’s online services and functions. The FOSSweb site is hosted by the FOSS publisher, School Specialty, which has its own data collection and use policies. Please familiarize yourself with those policies at http:/// and /OA_HTML/xxssi_ibeContentPage.jsp?minisite=10206&docName=V1093679.

During registration on the FOSSweb system, you will be required to provide contact information, consisting of an email address, username and password. You can select any username you want, except that your username cannot be an impersonation, the same or confusingly similar to a famous trademark, or be a term that is offensive in any way. You may, but are not obligated to, use your own name.

School Specialty sends to FOSSmap administrators the encrypted usernames and passwords collected on the FOSSweb site. The usernames are kept in a file on the FOSSmap server and are accessible to you and the FOSSmap administrators.

Cookies, Trackers
The FOSS project collects information via Google Analytics to track user logins, but we do not view otherwise use this data.

Email from FOSSmap
The FOSS project does not use the FOSSmap server to send you email messages, product information or offers, or special announcements.

Additional Information for Specific Purposes
The FOSS project does not use the FOSSmap server to request additional information from you on your online experience or transactions with the FOSSmap system. The FOSS project never contacts you or your students directly.

Communications with Others
The FOSSmap system does not provide a function allowing communication with others through the system.

Contacting FOSS
The FOSS project has feedback functionality on FOSSmap that allows you to submit comments, suggestions, or bugs found. The FOSS project may collect your name or username and email address in order to follow up with you. Please contact us at with technical questions, FOSSmap problems, or other feedback. If you are having a problem, with your permission, we will access the data in question. We delete this data after fixing the problem. Anonymous Data
The FOSS project may track FOSSmap to analyze trends, administer the FOSSmap system, track your actions and use of the system, record transactions, and gather demographic information for aggregate use. Such analysis is not linked to personally identifiable information.

The FOSS project does not share aggregated demographic and usage information.

The FOSSmap site does not link to other sites. This privacy policy applies only to information collected on the FOSSmap system. Security Technology
The FOSSmap system is protected during transmission through the Internet using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) software. You should see the lock icon on the bottom of web browsers becomes locked, as opposed to unlocked or open when you are just surfing. If you have any questions about the security, you can send an email to Correction/Updating of Personal Information
If you provide personally identifiable information changes (such as an email address), the FOSS project will endeavor to provide a way to correct, update or remove your personal data. This can usually be done by contacting Protection of Minors
Teachers register minor students on the FOSSmap system to allow students to use the functionality for which registration is required, i.e., taking assessment tests and tracking their progress.

You may enter student identifiers into the FOSSmap system, allow students to enter their answers to online assessments on the FOSSmap system, and use the scoring engine to evaluate the student answers. The FOSS administrators encourage you to use unique identifiers for students (not full names or district identification numbers), and to instruct students on the safe use of online systems.

If any confidential information for a teacher or student is entered into the FOSSmap system, the FOSS project will not use that information in any way.

The FOSSmap system is not connected to the FOSSweb site except through your username and password; therefore, the FOSS publisher and third parties have no access to student data.

Business or Asset Transfer or Sale
The FOSSmap system may move to a publisher-based or third-party platform. In such transaction, customer information generally is one of the transferred assets. The FOSS project will make reasonable effort to provide notice on FOSSmap changes and to notify you via email at the most recent email address that you have provided to the FOSS project of any such change in ownership or control of your personal information.

Release of Information for Legal Reasons
The FOSS project may release information concerning your use of the FOSSmap system (registration information and network records) when it believes in good faith that such release is appropriate to comply with the law (for example, pursuant to a statutory demand, subpoena, warrant or court order), to protect against fraudulent, abusive or unlawful use of the FOSSmap system, or to protect the rights or property of the Regents of the University of California.

Limited Use
The FOSS project does not intend to sell, share, or rent information obtained on the FOSSmap site other than as discussed in this privacy policy.

Changes in This Privacy Policy
If the FOSS project decides to change its privacy policy, FOSS administrators will post those changes on the FOSSweb and FOSSmap web sites so FOSSmap’s users can remain aware of what information the FOSS project collects, how the FOSS project uses it, and under what circumstances, if any, the FOSS project discloses it.

Your California Privacy Rights
Residents of the State of California, under the California Civil Code, have the right to request from companies conducting business in California a list of all third parties to which the Company has disclosed personal information during the preceding year for direct marketing purposes and a disclosure of the shared information. Alternatively, the law provides that if the company has a privacy policy that provides you with an “opt-out” choice for use of your personal information by third parties for marketing purposes, the Company may instead provide you with information on how to exercise your disclosure choice options.

The FOSSmap system does not collect information to provide to third parties for direct marketing or other purposes.

If you are a California resident and want to request information about how to exercise your third party disclosure choices, send a request to the following email address: