FOSSmap Tutorial

Coding Tutorial and Instructions

Manually Coding Pencil/Paper Benchmark Assessments

Click on "code" next to the assessment you want to code.

Select which students are to be included in the coding session. Once you're ready, click "continue." Students who are removed from the coding session remain on the roster and can be added back to the coding session at any time. The student is not included in the reports for this assessment.

Sort the students by ID or First name. Default sort is the order that they are entered.

Items appear in the order that they appear on the assessment. To navigate to different items, either use the back and forward arrows or by selecting the item in the pull-down menu.

Multiple choice, yes/no and true/false items can be coded by entering student responses into the response field. You can also add a code into code field for these item types. Unavailable responses and codes are rejected with a warning. These items have "special" responses that students do not use: an "M" for when a student has selected multiple answers and an "X" for when a student has not attempted the item, but has taken the assessment.

All other items are coded only by entering the given code in the code field. Unavailable codes are rejected with a warning. For these item types, you can enter anything into the response box, but the entry is ignored.

In all cases, replace the default code "." with a 0, if the student has taken the assessment but did not attempt the item. The default code removes the item from the statistical scoring calculation and can skew the statistics and should be used only in cases where the student did not take the assessment or you do not want the item considered.

The Notes field can be used to store any observations about the item. This information is retained when the assessment is archived.

The Table of All Items gives a quick view of the codes entered for the class. You cannot modify any data in this table.

To re-add to the coding session any students that you have previous removed, or have been added to the roster after the assessment was coded, click the Specify Students link. You can add students into the session, but you cannot remove any students that were present when data was saved.

Coding Benchmark Assessments from Online Sessions

When an assessment is submitted online, the students are automatically selected according to which students have submitted an assessment. You can add students to the coding session by clicking on Specify Students and selecting students who are not presently in the coding session.

Coding online assessments are similar to manually coding pencil/paper assessments, except that student responses are present and most responses are coded for you. Multiple choice, yes/no, true/false, multiple answer, and short answer items are automatically coded. Open response and offline items must be manually coded. Short answer and multiple short answer items must be verified to accommodate for creative spelling by students.