FOSSmap Tutorial

Embedded Assessment Tutorial

Click on Add Notes from the Module Homepage to access the Embedded Assessment interface. The student roster on the Embedded Assessment interface appears with all the students as having "Got it!"

You can sort students by clicking on "ID" or "Student name" column. If a student is having trouble with the concept in the activity, uncheck the "Got it!" checkbox. Once the field is unchecked, you can type in the Teacher's Note and the Sticky Note fields. If the "Got it!" field is checked, you cannot type into these fields.

The Teacher's Note field is available only for the teacher. The Sticky Note is for students and can be printed out and handed back to students for attachment to their notebooks. There is a default sticky note available for students who did not have trouble.

The Trends/Next Steps field is required. It is retained when the module is archived.

Always click the Save button after any changes. You cannot access the Embedded Assessment report or the Sticky Notes before you save. Changes do not appear in these reports unless the Save is clicked.

The Embedded Assessment Report is a summary of the activity as seen on the embedded assessment interface with the notes taken on individual students who needed help and the Trends/Next Steps field. This report can be accessed on the Embedded Assessment interface, the Module Homepage and the Run Reports interface.

The Sticky Note print out is available only on the Embedded Assessment interface. You can print out sticky notes for the entire class or only for students who needed help.

PDFs are available for FOSS 2nd Edition embedded assessments on the Home page, which is accessible through the "Home" link on the top menu.