FOSSmap Tutorial

Getting Started in FOSSmap-Adding a Class and Module

Adding a Class in FOSSmap

First time you enter FOSSmap, you must enter a class. Clicking on any links on the top menu from the Home page will direct you to the Add a New Class page.

There are 3 required fields on this page: class name, student ID and student first name. The class name is entered manually, while the student information can be entered either manually or by uploading a roster prepared in a spreadsheet or text document. Simply type in the information in each field for each student, if entering the information manually.

Student IDs must be unique. The roster cannot be saved if a duplicate ID is present. Student names that are not unique will have a number appended to them. If you want to change the addition, you can edit the information and re-save it.

On each row for each student there is a "Spanish" checkbox. If the box is checked for a student and the class is working with 3rd or Texas edition modules, the online asseessments will be in Spanish for those students. (Note: only the assessments are presented in Spanish. All reports, including the reports that are returned to students, are in English. For Texas modules, if reports in Spanish are needed, then the Spanish version of the module can be used.)

To upload a student roster the roster can be prepared in any spreadsheet program, such as Excel. The document must contain 3 unlabeled columns in the specific order of first name, last name and student ID. All 3 columns must be present even though the last name is not required (the column can be empty. The other two fields cannot be empty.) The document must be saved in a comma-delimited format (.csv). If a "Spanish" designation is desired, a fourth column can contain the word "Spanish." Alternatively, this designation can be added once the roster is uploaded.

You can also prepare the document in a text file with the fields separated by commas. The fields must be in the same order as the spreadsheet document: first name, last name and student ID (and "Spanish"). The document must be saved as a simple text document.

Find the document by clicking on the "Browse" button and click "Upload roster." If the document is correct, the class roster will appear on the screen. If there is a problem with the document, the screen will clear. You can correct the document and try the upload again. You can repeat the upload attempt until you click "Save." At that point you can no longer upload a roster into the class. The saved class interface is similar to the manage students interface. You can edit, add and delete students on the saved roster.

You must start a module for the class. On the Start a new module page, select which module you are teaching and click "Save." If you aren't sure which edition of FOSS you are using, click the "Not sure?" link to find how to identify the different editions.

You are now ready to start using FOSSmap.