FOSSmap Tutorial

Module Homepage

This page is where you can access all the embedded and benchmark assessment pages for the classes and modules you've added to your account. From this page you can manage your classes, as well as start new ones.

The pull-down on the upper right lists the classes that you've entered. The pull-down on the left lists the module for the class that is selected in the class pull-down. The module homepage has an outline of the modules, in order of investigation with links to embedded assessments and benchmarks assessments.

Each class roster is unique for each module. Any modification of a class in one module will not transfer to a different module.

Clicking on the title of each investigation will cause a pop-up with the summary of the investigation activities to appear. The embedded assessment title is a link to a summary of the assessment activity, as well as what to look for in student work.

Each time you save information in an assessment, a date is added to the assessment title on the Module Homepage. If you want to keep track of the progress through the module, but don't want to save information in particular assessment, either embedded or benchmark, you can select the "skip" link. This will change "skip" to "skipped" and any of the links to open the assessment pages will become inactive. You can re-activate the links by clicking "skipped."

To enter an embedded assessment page, you can click on the "add notes" link. Once the assessment is open, the "report" link for embedded assessments is activated. It leads to an immediate download of a PDF of the embedded assessment summary report.

To schedule an online assessment, click on "open." Once you have scheduled an assessment, a "scheduled" indicator will appear in line with the assessment. To learn more about scheduling an assessment, view the Scheduling Online Assessments tutorial.

To code a benchmark assessment, click on "code." Once you have saved data in the benchmark assessment, a "coding" indicator will appear. You can change this to "completed" by clicking on the link. To learn more about coding, view the How to Code an Assessment tutorial.

Once data is saved into the assessment and you have finished coding, you can access reports. If you click on "report" on the Module Homepage, next to a specific benchmark assessment, you can access reports specific to that particular benchmark assessment, to the particular module for the particular class you are working with. If you want to access reports across multiple classess or module or investigations from one screen, then click on "Run Reports" from the top menu. To learn more about reports in FOSSmap, view the Creating Reports tutorial.