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FOSSmap Overview

Overview of FOSS Assessment System in FOSSmap

For details on the different parts of FOSSmap, please see the following tutorials:

Before you get started in FOSSmap, make sure you are familiar with the FOSS Assessment System by reading the Assessment Chapter in the FOSS materials. FOSSmap provides teachers with an easy to use tool to create diagnostic assessment reports based on the analysis of validated FOSS assessments.

Start using FOSSmap by adding a class and selecting which module you are using. The first assessment of the FOSS system is the Survey. Assessments can be taken on paper and codes entered by the teacher into FOSSmap. Alternatively, for 3rd edition and NGSS modules, assessments can be taken online with many items coded automatically.

To give an assessment online, schedule an assessment online through the “Open” link on the module homepage. With the online assessments, you have the option to have students type responses online or answer the items on paper. There are a limited set of items that require drawing or graphing that must be taken offline. Student access codes can be printed out after an assessment is scheduled and the online assessment is accessed through the URL that can be found on the home page of FOSSmap and also on the student page of FOSSweb.

Please make sure your students can easily access FOSSmap Online Assessments before you schedule an assessment. Learn how to schedule an assessment and log in as a student on the school system to make sure it is possible. If there are firewall issues, you will need assistance from your system administrator.

Students login using the first name you have given them in the class roster and the access code. Assessments are easy to use with many tools to help students as they take the assessment.

After the assessments are submitted and the online session is closed, coding needs to be finalized. Open the coding page by clicking on the “code” link on the module homepage. Responses from many items are automatically coded. Short answer and multiple short answer codes need to be verified to accommodate for variant spellings. You can manually change any code in FOSSmap. Open response items must be manually coded.

After completing the coding, run the diagnostic reports through the Reports interface. To access the reports click on the Report link on the module homepage for reports specific to the assessment or use the "Report" link on the top menu to access multiple assessment reports. There are different reports for teacher use and for student or parent information. See the Creating a Report tutorial for more information on the reports.

The second part of the assessment system is the embedded assessment. You can access the embedded assessment interface through the “add notes” link on the module homepage. To generate reports for the embedded assessments, you need to save information in FOSSmap for that activity. Embedded assessment reports include creation of sticky notes that can apply to students' notebooks.

To learn specifics about each of these steps, view the tutorials on each subject.