FOSSmap Tutorial

Creating Reports in FOSSmap


There are two ways to access reports. Clicking on a "report" link on the Module Homepage will allow access to benchmark assessment reports for the assessment referenced. You cannot view other module, class or assessment reports from this page. You can access all 6 reports from this interface.

If you want to view reports for multiple assessments, modules or classes, access the Reports interface from the "Run Reports" link on the top menu bar.

When running reports, if you do not want to include all the students in the report, click on "Specify students." When the class roster appears, you can choose the students you want to have appear in the report. Only students that have a coded assessment can be selected for the report. A separate pdf is created for both the Student Assessment Summary and Student by Item reports.

There are 6 reports for each benchmark assessment. For a description of the reports, please view the Reports Help page.