FOSSmap Tutorial

Opening an Online Assessments in FOSSmap


To schedule an assessment click the "Open" link on the Module Homepage.

The red box in the middle of the page contains information about open response items—those that require a written response and those that require graphing or drawing. For those that require graphing or drawing, students must take these items offline with paper and pencil and the red box indicates which items must be printed out for completion of the assessment. For normal open response items, there is an option to have students take these items either online or offline. The default is to have students take these items offline. To change the default, select “On Paper” with the radio button.

Click "Open" to open the assessment. You can have only one assessment open for a class. You can have more than one assessment open for different classes.

An open assessment is closed at midnight of the day you scheduled it, or you can manually close the assessment by clicking the "Close" button on the Open assessment interface. Make sure students are logged off before closing the assessment. Assessments can be re-opened at any time. If an assessment has been submitted, previous responses are retained if you do re-opem the assessment.

For student access to the Online Assessment, print out the access codes with the online assessment URL for the students (the URL from the Open Assessment interface, from the module homepage or from the Manage Students interface. The access codes stay the same throughout a module, unless they are changed in Manage Students interface. The access codes change for a class if you change which module you are teaching. Make sure new codes are printed out when you start a new module.