Online Assessment Tutorial
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  1. Go to
  2. Type in your username and access code. Make sure only uppercase letters are used in the access code.
  3. "Next" and "Back" buttons are in the upper left. The first page does not have a "Back" button and the last page does not have a "Next" button. A timer will indicate how much time is scheduled for the assessment.
  4. Multiple choice items are answered by clicking on a radio button. Multiple answer items allow any number of boxes to be clicked. Short answer and open response are answered by typing in the available boxes. The "Clear" button clears all answers.
  5. The "Striker" allows potential responses to be eliminated for multiple choice and multiple answer items. Click on the "Striker" button and click on a pencil next to an answer to be struck out. Strike outs are not maintained when you leave the page.
  6. The "Mark for Review" button will flag an item and can be used as a reminder to review an item. At the Review page a flag will appear next to flagged items. Clicking on the item will return you to the item. Flags do not have to be removed before assessments are ended.
  7. Assessments are ended by clicking on the "Review/End" button at the bottom of every page. At the review page, the "End Assessment" button will submit the assessment. You can log in again as long it is within the scheduled time.