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Important Advisory:  We have recently changed the location of the FOSSmap server.  Make sure that before you assign your next assessment that your school firewall permits access to the recently-modified location. Contact your IT department for help.

Welcome to FOSSmap!


A new Class Item Codes report is available.  Learn more in the FOSS News section on the Home page when you login.


If you need a username and password, visit FOSSweb to sign up. You will need to have activated a module in FOSSweb in order to use FOSSmap. Teachers, administrators, and reviewers should have an access code included in the materials sent to them by Delta Education.

(NOTE: Please verify that your school's firewall allows access to FOSSmap and Online Assessments by logging in to these systems, using the school's systems, prior to scheduling an assessment.  You will need assistance from your system administrator for problems stemming from a firewall.)


Students can access the online assessment here:



FOSSmap provides teachers with an easy to use tool to create diagnostic assessment reports based on the analysis of validated FOSS assessments—assessments that students can take online ! (NGSS and third edition only)


If you're ready to get started in FOSSmap, you can use these instructions for a quick start. There are also tutorials and help pages for each page in FOSSmap.